Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My First Post

Where do I begin?

Well, Like I stated in my "about me" section of my blog...
I am a wife, daughter, sister and mother to a cute doggie named Boomer!

About a year ago a few friends and I decided to see if we could make over furniture.  It started with a small end table I was given.  That pretty little basic table is in my spare bedroom in a pretty fire engine red color!

The next item I decided to "make over" was an end table I found at Good Will.  This table was so simple and white was the color of choice!

That's when I was HOOKED!  Since then my husband and I have made over furniture for almost every room in our home.

This blog should take you through all of my trials and errors in make overs and my newly found love of crafts!

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